Business Conduct

Nexans Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

The Code of Ethics and Business Conduct is intended to help individuals to act on behalf of the Group in their everyday work in a manner that is beyond reproach. It forms a part of the Corporate Social Responsibility program which reinforcement has led Nexans’ Board of Directors to adhere to the United Nations Global Compact on November 25th, 2008.

Nexans and the Global Compact

Nexans signed the United Nations Global Compact in December 2008.
By joining this initiative, our Group has made a commitment to support and implement ten fundamental principles in the areas of Human rights, labor standards, protection of the environment, and anti-corruption measures.

Nexans' values

Nexans owns 6 values that drive its day-to-day work and strengthen its relationships with its customers and suppliers and with all people and organizations the Group has to deal with.

Theses values are drivers of excellence and ambition for each employee of the Group.